Satellite Events 2020

Prior to the SASUF Research & Innovation Seminar are activities called Satellite Events organised in regions around Sweden. These events will take place between the 22-25th of November 2020, and are focused on one or several SASUF-themed topics.

The Satellite Events (smaller workshops, seminars, guest lectures, visits, industry collaboration etc.) will be organized by individual researchers, universities or any other organisation linked to research, education or innovation. These events can include students, researchers, industry, NGOs, university management or any relevant groups. Satellite events may take place across Sweden.

The original programme for the week can be found here. Please note, this is for planning purposes only! Due to the corona virus, additional satellite programs can be considered. Please email to access the form and submit a new satellite event.

Participants who were nominated by their university may register for satellite events through a registration link sent via email.
Participants who were not nominated by their university, but wish to register for satellite events may email

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