Research & Innovation Week 2019

The 2019 SASUF Research and Innovation week took place on the 6th – 10th of May 2019 in South Africa. The week began with Satellite Events on the 6th -7th of May in many locations throughout South Africa. On the 8th – 10th of May the Research and Innovation Seminar took place at Stellenbosch University.

At the 2019 Research & Innovation Seminar, the Joint Declaration by the participating universities in the South African Sweden University Forum was created and signed by all member universities.

The program for the 2019 SASUF week can be found on: For information on the 2020 SASUF week, click here.

Read the Annual Report – SASUF Research and Innovation Week 6-10 May 2019 by this link

SASUF 2019 Participants