SASUF Goes Digital: 2020 Edition

Registration remains open!

To register, create an account and choose your schedule directly on the SASUF sched website: or below. Please note, it is not possible to register for two events that overlap. Be sure to create an account to secure your spot in each workshop.

Everyone with an account will be emailed the password to the workshops on 21 Nov.

To access workshopsbe sure to join from the sched website:

1. Visit (or scroll further down)
2. Log in to your account
3. Click the ‘Saved To My Sched’ icon, at the bottom left corner of the screen (see 1st image, to the right).
4. Hover over the workshop at the correct time, scroll to the bottom, and click the zoom link for that workshop (see 2nd image, to the right).

When the workshop should begin, you will be let in from the waiting room.

Please contact with any questions or concerns you may have.

The Opening Ceremony will be shared live on the SASUF facebook page:

All participants are expected to follow and observe the SASUF Code of Conduct. All questions can be addressed to